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What Is Sable And How And From What Is It Procured?


What Is Sable And How And From What Is It Procured?

The animals from which we get the valuable fur know as Sable is a small creature about 18 ins.long, somewhat resembling the weasel.Its winter coat ,of rich dark ,brown,is much sought after ,but as the Sable inhabits the far lands of Siberia and Asiatic Russia ,it is not easy to obtain.Great care has to be taken to ensure no damage being done, during the pursuit of the Sable,to its coat .When pursued by dogs the little animal will scamper up a tree,but is shaken down and caught in a net.It hides in a den during the day and ventures out at night to look for food,but there are so many traps and hunters eager to catch it, that the little creature plays a very losing game with life.

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