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The Wonderful Periscope the saviour of the Submarine

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Mention has already been made of the periscope which enables the navigation officer to see what is going on overhead when the Submarine is submerged . Two periscopes, sometimes three ,are fitted to every Submarine in case one should be damaged, and these periscope can be drawn down inside the Submarine if desired. A periscope consists of a long tube at the top of which is a prism and lenses. These catch the view ,and reflector down the tube through other lenses to another prism,and so into a kind of telescope . This telescope magnifies the picture,and enables the officer in charge to see what is happening on the surface above his head. At the bottom of the periscope there is a wheel, something like the steering wheel of a motor -car, by which the navigating officer can turn round the glass eye which rises out the water above  the Submarine,and which this gives him a clear surface view of the sea in whichever clear surface view of the sea in whichever direction he likes to turn the periscope

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