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The Underground Railway That Carries No Passenger On It's Trains

The Underground Railway That Carries No Passenger On It's Trains

But the strange think that the Railway train carried no passage ,only letter and parcels of which are carry as many as 30,000 bags every day ,besides having no Passenger,these train have no guards nor drivers. The train are driven by electricity ,and run by themselves between the different stations. Their movement are controlled by switch men who sit in cabins along the route,and have before them diagram of the track upon which the progress of the various trains is automatically indicated.In additional to the switcment there are also automatic device which control the running of the trains. Thus the Railway is divided into sections, and a train leaving one section automatically cuts off the electricity from that section until the next section has been traversed.There is, therefore a section of "dead "track behind each train,over which the following train cannot travel.until it become alive again.In this manner all risk of collision is avoided.

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